Scaffolding products : SCAFFOLD SHEETING

Scaffold Sheeting

The Monarflex Sheeting is an economy scaffold sheeting recommended for use in low rise, shorter term projects that are not exposed to high wind risk.

On top of the sheet there are fixing bands of super high strength weave with a double coating over the bands to provide high durability. The bands are in pre-set patterns and with pre-made holes per 100mm making it fit virtually any type of scaffold.

Features & Benefits of Monarflex Sheeting

Eyelets reinforced with HDPE filament tapes for maximum security and, unless they are used, eyelets remain sealed, preventing penetration by wind and rain.
Choice of high performance flexities or euroties fixing systems resists wind induced stresses in all directions while remaining flexible enough to protect the sheeting from destructive strain.
Lightweight for easy handling on site.
Also available in a flame retardant options.
Suitable for screen printing.

Specification Data Sheets available on request