Details On Scaffolding Design


Where a proposed scaffold cannot be erected in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, a scaffold design is required to be undertaken to verify the strength and stability of the scaffold.

We are able to offer a range of safe, cost effective design solutions to suit all projects. All designs are undertaken by experienced Structural Engineers, are fully insured and carried out in accordance with the latest codes of practice.

All scaffold design drawings are produced using computer aided design software with plan layouts, elevations, sections and details prepared as required. All scaffold design drawings are fully detailed and come with supporting calculations.

An assessment is undertaken of every scaffold design to ensure that all possible steps have been taken to ‘design-out’ hazards and minimise risk and a Design Risk Assessment is prepared to highlight the remaining hazards and outline suitable control methods to manage risk and minimise their effect.

Sketch proposals can be provided at feasibility/concept stage for Client review, prior to detailed design, in order to ensure that the proposal achieves the project requirements.

scaffold-design-img1 scaffold-design-img2